Monday, February 28, 2011

I ask the question and my sister said NO

(i just got this pic online. this is not mine. anyone can claim it, just post soemthing and I'l delete it. thanks)

my mom' greatest fear!
I don't have the courage to confront her.
she might die of heart attack and they will blame me.
so I ask my sister...

even if he's a doctor, a lawyer
a manager earning 3x what i'm earning now?
with SUV?
and my sister simply replied with NO.

I'm mostly obedient especially when 
my sister gives me round trip tickets 
when that time comes
i hope I don't have to choose.

(this is not a poem)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

the day I said enough!

I know I promised myself to stop being whiny but somehow writing it here helps... makes me feel good after... So let me just vent because I attempted to talk to my best friend and he just laughed at me...

I hate my government more today...  I hate them because I pay my taxes on time and I declare the exact amount...  but what i get in return... delayed services!  they suck!  They let you wait for nothing...

I went to DFA to renew my passport.  I paid extra to have it rushed.  I was too excited to celebrate my bday  somewhere... but i got more stress... on top of the stress that i'l be turning big fat three ohhh.  Initially they said it will be released March 2.  Mind you I filed it Feb 8...  and they claimed its rush service...  so how long would a normal service takes? Do the math.

too excited to get on that plane.. I bought a ticket and scheduled it March 9.  When I called DFA, department of fucking agency, I was told my passport wont be released until March 15.  I told the receptionist that my flight is scheduled on the 9th.  And she stupidly replied.. try making a follow up on the 11th?  Are you fucking kidding me? Did she even hear what i said? The tickets were not inexpensive.  Now I have to re-booked it. DFA did not even offered a refund of the rush fee they charged..

my best friend laughed about my experience.  earlier, I arrived 9 minutes passed my schedule at work.  I end the day submitting my resignation letter!

surprise.. I will be soon jobless...  Why wont people just fuck me sideways!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I've been to... I've been to... I've been whoring...

Chinese New year, All Souls Day a.k.a. Valentines Day, Death Anniversary the day I met my ex... it was like all the stars aligned and ready to hit you and eat you alive.. what am i talking about.. blah blah. There had been a lot of holidays to celebrate.. a good reason to whore and be grateful... to get drunk and get laid... I wont get pregnant anyway.

that is something old. something new, I learned to use rubber!

"Something Borrowed is to represent to the bride that friends and family will be there for her on the special day and in the future when help is needed."

Somehow I misunderstood the line above. I took it literally, I borrowed by friend's boyfriend last valentine's day. Silly you Billy! of course without him knowing.. but wouldn't it be more fun if it was the three of us? Let me suggest that, when they get sour. Of course I wont keep the boyfriend, there's a reason why I termed it borrowed. of course I will be there to share my shoulder to a friend in need... and suggest then, we went to the cemetery and light a candle for our souls. after all, valentines day is also known as all souls day.

while the world was painted red last week... there was something blue. my face turned blue. poison... karma! if you give bull someone will give you shit! while puking my intestine out.. we'll I'm sure my toilet bowl was clean... I promise I wont drink tequila again...

are you kidding me?