Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All About Christmas Wishlist

I'm easy person to please... i wish nothing but the following:
1. I love Shoes... and I need another pair from PabDer. I like the cow leather, hand crafted, made in Italy, shoes. Don't blame me its my weaknes... hahahah (pa gurl talaga)

2. Influenced by my elder brothers and sisters... I too am a fan of scents...

3. Just the Cardigan... excluding the guy.... @ eye_spy.. I know layering is so over rated fo you as you described it in my other post... But I look good on it... so who cares.. hahahah bleh!

4. Sunglasses... Can't live without one... especially on a bright day after a grave yard shift... Just for some protection for my very tired eyes... cK, Prada, Oakley and the likes will do...

5. My best friend insisted that I need a new phone; so bestie I'm including it in my wish list... nag paparinig lang...
But really, I'm no expensive person... Most of the times the things that I would really-really-really like just happened to be expensive... that's why I save for them and I'd be more than delighted to receive them as gifts! Gifts are meant to be expensive anyways....

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Goal

New Year's resolution is sooo over rated... Let me set goals instead. Before that I'd like to revisit this year's goal.

My plan of moving out to Manila did not happen... I realized I'm not emotionally ready to be far from home. but I can always visit Manila anytime. yeah I remember Pussycat Doll's Manila Invasion.

Birthday Bash! goal achieved! We went to Bantayan Island for my Birthday. It was grand i think because i was broke after. that was very memorable, eye_spy got drunk and kiss a ___ and he likes it... hahahha (I still have the pic as evidence or for blackmail)

I created this blog this year. we have the same birth date.

September Singapore trip canceled. vacation leave application messed up.

November HongKong trip canceled. I got promoted! and I cannot file VL yet.

yes I got promoted that was my number 1 goal for this year. I worked hard for it. and I achieved it! congratulations!


So for next year;

First Quarter - I really need to go to the gym again... for a healthier me. and to prepare for the summer and my birthday. visit a friend in Manila. Perhaps Baguio again this Feb?

Second Quarter - housing project. I need to finish the 3rd floor of our house, where my room is located. it's overlooking with terrace. nice place for barbecue party of 10. what are some expenses to cut? expensive coffee, taxi fare and spa? promise!

Third Quarter - perhaps Universal Studios in Singapore...

Fourth Quarter - wala pang ma-isip...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

letter of complaint - Globe Telecom

Dear Mr. Co,

How was your holiday? I hope you spent it with your family. Mr. President, I have been a globe subscriber for almost 10 years now. Although I have changed numbers and I have the option to switch to a different provider, I still remain to be a subscriber of Globe because I believe in your company until my recent experiences with your Customer Care department.

I understand the service enhancements; these are to better serve us. However, my mobile number has been one of the unlucky few that, is always affected. Last November I called to report to them that I was not able to send a test message. I obediently followed their instructions yet was still unresolved. I was advised to monitor it within 24 hrs. That was quite long for me not to be able to send a sms but I obliged. The next day I called again because I still could not send a sms, even though system enhancement was done two hours after my first call. I asked to speak to a supervisor to have this concern resolved immediately. I was told to wait for 5 business days because this concern had to be sent to technical specialist for further investigation. Don’t you think 5 business days is quite too long not to send an sms?

I had my chance to switch providers but I chose to keep my number because I don’t want to go through the hassle informing my contacts of my new numbers. What about the forms I filled out? How will they be able to contact me if I change my number?

The Customer Service kept on saying that they understood my situation and that they were sorry for the inconvenience but they are not doing anything about it to have it resolved as soon as possible.

I work in a call center, and Customer’s satisfaction is our business! Several supervisors promised to call me to follow up yet I never received a call from them. It very frustrating! This happed to e twice back in November!

Today it happened to me again. Worse, this time I can not send a sms and I can’t call using my mobile phone. I called your Customer Service using our globe landline hoping, still hoping that this will be resolved immediately! Can you imagine unable to contact your friends, family and your clients? To my dismay, your customer care representative, JV hang up on me when I asked to talk to a supervisor. He is more worried of his Average Handling Time, than helping me.

It’s so sad to think, I have been giving excellent Customer Service to Americans to support their product. Yet I cannot get the same excellent Customer Service from a fellow Filipino for our local service. As big as a company, your Customer Service Department is not doing their job. They are not listening to us, customer! They simply hear us and read us back their scripts! They are too apologetic but they are not doing anything about it!

So I called again and spoke to Ms Clarence, one of the supervisors. I offered her a resolution instead of her offering me one! Not so intelligent, don’t you think Mr President? I told her that I will change my number, since unfortunately my number has always been affected by any enhancement. I’d rather send my contacts a new number rather than experience this situation again and calling Customer Service over and over. I asked her to transfer my balance to my new sim since I just reloaded 300 pesos. 300 pesos is not worth my time and effort writing to you and calling customer service to complain. It’s a matter of principle. Ms Clarence said that she has not the capability. Further told her that if she can’t do it then just load my new sim worth 300 as “compliment” or “compensation” although that is my money but she can tag it as it is.

She suggested changing my sim but I will retain the same number and the same balance. But wait, isn’t my number the problem and not my sim? How lame is her suggestion?

Mr President, I’m writing to let you know of my situation. Others may have experienced it as well. It’s more than the technical enhancement, its more of our experience calling your Customer Service. Something is not right and I know you can correct it before I change provider this time.

Thank you for your time reading this.


Ron - 0927645****

Joyeux Noel

It's 4:00 AM, Dec 26, 2009. I woke up and realized I spent Christmas sleeping as in the whole day. As if that's something new. I spent Christmas eve in the office, while preparing food for my team and for the account, i can see colorful fireworks display from the window at a distant. It was a sign the midnight is just a few minutes away. i think Christmas are for kids only.

We dont celebrate Christmas at home anymore. its happened when most of us were grownups. So, it really doesn't matter if I'm in the office or I am at home. Although the good thing about in the office is I could spend it with my team. Most of them, it was their 1st Christmas away from their family. Two of my sisters left to Canada, our eldest got married and have his own house away from home. our youngest getting married next year decided to spend Christmas at his fiancee's home. So that would just be me and my mom because my father decided to visit our eldest (celebrating Christmas for his kids). How lonely could that get?! so i told my mom that I'l be working and she could visit our eldest too together with my father. It was only our house not lit for the event.

if Christmas is for kids then why am i feeling lonely. I shouldn't be feeling this way, right? I greeted my mom and dad. then bade goodbye. The moment I stepped in to the cab. the cab driver greeted me Merry Christmas with Christmas Carols in the radio... light-isplays playing lively as we passed by in every house. makes me sob. this is the kid inside me.

Really i have reasons to celebrate for the good things that happened this year... good health. friends, and enemies that made me stronger.

but something is missing... this season shall pass... and I will be alright just like last year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The things that I don't get

1. People not minding their own business. Couples fight. understandable because of disagreement, miscommunication or worse you got caught cheating for example. to friends your help may not help at all. so leave them, anyway they will always come to you when they need a shoulder to cry on or a set of ears to listen to.

2. its called breakup because its broken. so why try mending it. get out of denial stage that you don't love him anymore. your actions show the opposite. so what was he doing in your room rummaging your fridge, or did i hear you right you cooked lunch while he was changing the dial of the tv with his new boyfriend on the other side?! Stop because you'll never win him back. and stop pretending that your ok because you're a wreck! tighten that screw in your head! your wearing off!

3. some people say they are not competitive... but for the last hour you were talking about how good you are! Sorry for your loss! boss-not!

4. people sa most good guys are taken. does that mean am bad?! I could always steal them if I want them.. tease!

5. sometimes friends dont make sense... its nicer to talk with a stranger.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I like what I'm doing or maybe its because I'm in denial that my love life is just like COKE.... Zero!
Yes, work compensates how empty my L-life is. So far my team got good grades.
and I'm more eager to come to work on a Saturday night to maintain it or achieve more.
You know, analyze my team strengths and potentials. Work on their weakness and find ways to improve them.
Just basic stuff a team lead should do.

I've seen them improve and it feels great that you are part of that development.
Knowing that you have helped and its bearing fruits, the satisfaction and happiness
is beyond comparison, other than the fact that their scores are my scores too.

Perhaps, its the same feeling being loved. I cant really remember for it has been so long since the last time
my heart has pumped or was taken cared of. I just hid it in the dark chambers of my chest accented with cobwebs.
Locked with dungeon keys! that big cold rotten custom made iron keys. Take note Keys with an S.

Perhaps I'm more dynamic at work because there is a truth that I couldn't face. A harsh truth that I want to forget for the meantime.
Or, don't mind at least for the meantime. I exhaust myself on something just not to think about it. Somehow, sometimes I'm being reminded of it. Songs in the radio, two people happy together holding each other's hand. Even the simple display of Xmas lights makes me teary. during coffee and smoke break. when my brain stops thinking about my team stat just like today!

This is another cold Christmas. Oh well I've been dreaming of a white Christmas anyways... need to work now...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm craving for lamb chops!

I'm a lioness... the queen of the pride. Creatures bow down as I pass by. Some even dropped on their knees. Hail to the queen of Terabithia. or was that Narnia? whatever!

Its hunting season. and I crave for lamb chops, t-bone and venison. I drool the flavor of real meat. fine cuts and medium rare. it gives me an ecstasy. Hmmm... smells good... I like it husky smell! I bite. every inch of the tendered meat! I tear it with my teeth and play it with my tongue. its mouth watering...

but these days... i have been a sea creature eating lioness... I'm being fed with lobsters, prawns and sea critters. I don't like half baked food. but somehow they fill in my hunger.

would you go for a forest bear, whose blood according to Edward as the finest but is difficult to hunt or would you go for an easy catch like plankton but when too much is taken it hurts.

believe it or not i have a fair share of both... will it be according to class? can I ignore the food chain and try frogs instead hoping that someday it will take like turkey?

seriously.. all I'm really craving for is a Krispy Kremes... not so sweet... crunchy in the outside... soft in the insides. no promises but simply delicious... the hidden fillings that surprises you is a plus and is equally delicious.

its rare to find it here... so i will take every bite like its the last...

you are my krispy kremes and i'll be your starbucks...

wink ;p