Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm glad my premonition is wrong again. I'm a weirdo!

All of a sudden this guy's name popped in my head and its been going on for several weeks now. I tried to ignore it because I thought it will just stop but it didn't. It became very disturbing even at my sleep. it was vague but I know something is wrong!

He used to be my classmate in high-school and very shy-silent type of guy. I dont know why him of all people. I never had close encounter with him and we are not even close friends. We were merely hi-hello. So why me and what's the message?

I tried googling his name to find his whereabouts but nothing came up. checked with facebook, multiply and friendster. the same thing... NADA

So I posted a bulletin in friendster to help me find him. A friend of mine from Canada remembered him and he is on his friends list. He is now in Manila attending school at ICC. Wow he has grown, he used to be very skinny. He plays basketball, I dont reckon him playing ball back then. People really change and he loves to cook too.

whatever that was I'm glad he is okay.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poll: True or False

The only person who can mend your heart is the one who broke it?!


Mom and I normally spend time together in the kitchen. We pretend to be Iron Chefs. It is a good time for us to talk about issues and decisions that made her who she is today and what I will become in the future. Talk things over cup of coffee (oh yeah we are coffee addicts) while we also prepare a sumptuous dinner. I have always been interested in cooking and from whom should I get the best tips - yeah from my mom and she makes wonders!

It was many years in the past that both of us didn't agree a lot. I was younger back then and my ideas were far-fetched from reality. I think misunderstanding within family relationship is normal.

I am glad that things are okay now between us. I have learned to appreciate the things that she do. And she is becoming to be more comfortable with the decisions I made. I have proved myself to be trust worthy.

I will surely miss these bonding moments. Happy Mother's Day! I know I'm a week late.. hahah

For tonight my recipe is:

Gambas (courtesy of PinoyRecipe.NET)

Gambas Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 kg (2lb) medium prawns, peeled (heads, tails and shells discarded)
  • Juices of 3-4 calamansi
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • Cloves of 1 hole head of garlic, peeled and crushed
  • Dash Tabasco (or other hot pepper sauce)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Parsley, to garnish (optional)
  • Sliced green chili, to garnish (optional)
Gambas Recipe Cooking Instructions:
  • Marinate peeled prawns in calamansi juice for about 30 mins.

  • Heat oil in a frying pan or wok and sauté garlic until almost brown.

  • Add prawns and stir fry until fully cooked, about 2 to 3 mins. Do not overcook.

  • Season with hot pepper sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Transfer prawns to a serving dish together with the garlic. If desired, garnish with parsley and chili.


I received a text message from a friend. Somehow I agree to it. It goes like this:

" if PLAN A doesn't work out... don't worry... you've got 25 more letters.. don't give up easily!"

I have said my piece at work that I'm leaving soon. It saddened to most people especially my friends. Except for my supervisor who told me that I will regret my decision.
Clearly she doesn't know me well... I am not the type who regret doing things. I have been to hell, got broke and back. I never regretted the poor decisions I made. Those were decisions that were impulsively made because of emotion overload. Newsflash; I'm still alive.

I'm really working on about being impulsive. So with this big plan that I'm about to take; I list some pros and cons. I've better be prepared before going to a battle. My supervisor commented that quitters are losers. I replied to her that I'm not quitting I'm just changing my battlefield! and she shut her mouth.

Here are some pros and cons about transferring to Makati:

- I will have a chance to start all over again. No one knows me and they will know me on my works and not subjectively.
- Maturity level increases about 10 more times when you are independent. You'll learn how to budget your money and decide on your own without the influence of my parents, elder brothers and sisters and close friends.
- I will have the chance to know myself better. We have to be lost to find ourselves.
- learn new skills at work. I'm currently on my comfort zone. It scares me that I will not grow because of the routine. Seems like there nothing more to learn. Come to think of it, its my first job.
- Makati is just 45 minute away by plane. I can visit my parents like on a weekend. compared to going to Singapore or Canada.
- living my dream; I've always want to study in a big university. Perhaps when everything is well I can go back to school and finish my masters program.

- Makati is more expensive than Cebu. Plus I will be paying rents. isn't part of the 'budget you money wisely' challenge?
- I don't know anyone in Makati not a relative nor a close friend. I will be a complete stranger. I'm friendly so I think that will be easy!
- Language barrier. I can hardly speak my own language now I have to learn Tagalog.
- Most people say Tagalogs have superiority complex. I'm not sure about it, I haven't dealt with them. But I have superiority complex too and star complex to add to it.
- party is more crazy than in Cebu; I made a deal to my self that I'm going to Makati to work and not to party.

so there, two months and two weeks more or could be less...

In all fairness to my supervisor, she is actually a friend but I just don't like her as my supervisor. She cant seem to separate her two roles. So tell me what other things I need to be scared to live in Makati?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Les 25 choses à mon sujet...

It's Never Too Late To Start Again

"Look at Nature
Nothing stays the same
Why should you?
Use change wisely
Like a sporting champion, change a losing game
Keep the things that matter
Lose the things that don't
Set some goals
Start afresh"

what good way to start again is:

Les 25 choses à mon sujet...

1. Although I graduated as a civil engineer with a GPA of 1.75 and a plastic card holder (which I have never used yet and I am paying a yearly tax), I work as one of the voices behind the 1-800 number. I have been saying 'thank you for calling and have a great day!' for almost six years now on the same company.

2. I have tendencies to be mean! However am a very loyal friend. Knock my door at midnight and I would take that shovel to dig the grave of an enemy you just killed.

3. I love shoes. The ones that are not made in China and claimed they are Italians. I like them light and comfortable. No snake leather for me, never!

4. I love coffee. Starbucks. I even bought my own coffee maker to share it with my parents. They love coffee too. Our blood is a mixture of hemoglobin and coffee. I can consume more than 3 cups in a day. Wanna grab a cup?

5. I love to cook for someone. Gourmet Ala Quick-Fire. wanna try?

6. I love crabs. Okay any crustaceans will do especially crabs. Love them spicy!

7. A Beach bum! I just learned skim boarding.

8. I am allergic to ants. A sting of an ant could kill me. The allergic reaction is called Anaphylaxis. It can occur to 1% of people stung by ants. Lucky me, right. Feels like winning in the lottery. So, no eating in my room. No whip cream during sex in my bed.

9. I am fond of eau de toilette. My personal favorites are Hugo Boss Army, Ralph Lauren Polo Sport, Polo Black Cologne by Ralph Lauren, Lacoste Pour Homme and Bvulgari Aqua. Wow that's a long list! and yeah they are generic. At least now you know what to give for my Birthday (March 13)

10. I am a tech blond! What is Java Scripting? who cares right? Whatever!

11. I can speak Cebuano, English (American and Australian), French and Parcel Tongue. I am now learning Tagalog and It's hard. My accent is really stiff! I sound funny I think. I will be relocating in Manila soon so I need to practice hard. One time I went to Baguio for a vacation, I met a Britt guy who can fluently speak Tagalog. It was embarrassing for me because he was good and his accent didn't sound funny!

12. I am an alcoholic! Tagay bai! cheers! à la votre! The spirits that I like are Jägermeister, Jose Cuervo, Absinthe, Absolut and Chivas Regal. I also like RH, stands for red horse. I passed out uhm less than five times and really made a fool of myself. I fell off the ledge, hugged my toilet bowl and woke up with an office mate butt naked in my brother's bed. Its not going to happen again...

13. I'm a dragon. Marlboro Gold is my brand of cigarette. Somehow, I don't have enough reason to quit yet.

14. I asked my friends to describe me, they said I'm naughty, promiscuous and complicated! huh? I don't know where are these coming from? I am not...

15. I am always mistaken as a snob when I'm just really shy! seriously!

16. I'm not fanatic. One time my friend was jumping and giggling like she was about to get a heart attack only she was like smiling ears to ears. She looked possessed. She was screaming on top of her lungs I thought she'd seen a ghost. I needed to see a doctor because it was deafening. Jake Cuenca passed by. I was like inches away and I didn't recognize him. But I admit I'm crazy about One More Chance; it made me cry. Tanging Ina made me laugh out loud. Hilarious! How silly is that?

17. I love to sing but my friends they always beg me if I can just dance instead. No further details.

18. Many people think I am a high maintenance person... Really I am just a simple person. who like simples things. I'm not even interested with jewels and other body accessories.

19. I don't like tattoo but I like to have my tongue pierce. One day when my job requires less talking.

20. I use knife and fork.

21. I don't J-walk.

22. Orange color makes my skin looks like a disease. I envy people who looks good in t-shirt. I love costume parties

23. I collect key chains with names of places printed on it. The farthest I have is Austria.

24. I am an impulsive buyer. but I'm doing something about it.

25. I am a bad liar! So, be the judge...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is me signing off...

I dont know how to start it...

I cant seem to sort the words in my mind...

All I want to say is...

Thank you and goodbye...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

of waiting part 2


I realized my friends were not busy at all for me.. So we watched wolverine together... then grab some alcohol last night....

I was about to send an sms my QA supervisor that I couldn't make it to his b-day party when a friend of mine informed me that they had an accident...

The car crashed... went turned turtle... am supposed to be on that car too... I dont know the details yet... hopefully they are okay...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

of waiting


My friends are kinda busy these days with their normal lives. I can't bug them always like to go out or something. That's what I hate being single. Anyway, it's not the issue here.

My QA supervisor invited me for an out of town trip last Thursday to celebrate his birthday. I kinda say yes to him that I'm going... together with some officemates. It's gonna be another lets-morning-the-night drinking session... Oh yeah am an alcoholic..

Road trip will be happening at 2PM today. I haven't packed my bag and am still at work till 12 noon. I dont know why I'm not so excited... part of me wants to go... AND

part of me... uhm...

I'm actually having second thoughts about this out-of-town-/slash/-road-trip...

Because I'm waiting for this someone...

and for the love of ----

"call me or text me, where you are and what are your plans for tonight"

I'm actually waiting for this guy to ask me out tonight to watch Wolverine... oh yeah I love X-Men

I'm waiting in vain...

"and damned it! You six more hours left..."

Or i'l be on the road with my skimboard, beer and chicharong bulaklak...

I normally dont do the asking... its NOT me... and I wont change... not even for this intance... .

So I will wait...

"...or Forever Hold Your Silence"