Sunday, July 3, 2011

castle and walls

Rapunzel. That's me. Except that, i have a short hair and its not even golden. I'm in my terrace right now, playing with my PC. The city is inviting with its yellow light. And from a far, it looks serene. The hazy air completes the picture. Quite the opposite of what's really happening. The street lamp glows and it hypnotizing.
somewhere out there is my prince. i know he's looking for me. He'll find his way to my little castle and rescue me from this misery.
I know it wont be tonight. I'm in my terrace with my cup of coffee. Waiting in vain. where are you and what struggles you've been through finding my castle?
last night, the city lights captured me. So I took a quick shower. Put on a good top. Suddenly, it rained. my friend said, "if there's a will there's a way,"... "good point but i wouldn't be wearing my boots" I replied. "dial-a-cab and drop your ass off here" he commanded! so I obliged.
We went to Penthouse. DJ Elmer was playing. My moves were a bit off. Its been ages since I went out to party. Partly my fault because I let myself become a prisoner of my own room. The music started to warm every single cell of my body up... a beer in my hand and a cigarette on the other. No E for me that night. I wanted to go home sane. That other side of me has been long gone. I don't want him resurrected. I'm a good person now. I think.
"where's your prince?"... I replied, "I don't know!" cutting the mojo potato in half. I had been in the dance floor all night.. that made me hungry. "He's somewhere", I continued.   
"I think you should date a mason." My friend suggested. Then my eyes went clueless waiting for my friend to finish his statement. He could really see a big question mark on my face so he continued "so that someone can break the walls your creating". I jokingly replied "why not a welder, the walls I've created were made of iron."
If you have experience being hurt, your self defence skills increases. why would you let yourself be hurt again?! I'm not even aware of these walls but my friend read me correctly. I don't want to become a porcupine. "Go out! meet more people! drop your pots and pails. gardening is for old people. and learn to know them before you put on your guards. We are not getting any younger so don't waste your time."

I'm in my terrace. Its raining again. my cup is empty. no sign of him coming home tonight.