Tuesday, January 18, 2011

his Confession

"I already have my round trip tickets" I announced to my college buddies. This May we'll be going to Cagayan for a wedding. I booked it as early as now to get a cheaper seat of course. One of my college buddies decided to commit suicide and tie the knot to his long time girlfriend. I think they have been together since college and that was like eons ago... I'm a little excited because I've never been to Cagayan. I want to try the white water rafting that they are sooo proud of. I heard their food too are great.

Another couple is supposed to get married this year. Unfortunately they were not able to level up their love to the next level, they broke up three years ago. I received a text message from the girl, she said "we're done! it's not happening". They were one of the sweetest couples back in college. sitting at the back portion of the cafeteria. duo study in the library. they were the "it" couple. Who would have thought, while scanning our yearbook, they'd break up. They were inseparable.

You see both of them were my friends. its difficult being caught in the crossfire. I kept an open mind on the situation on both parties. I could never be bias to anyone.

Just the other day, after three long years, the guy showed up to us. Quite long enough time already to settle all the sediments that caused the pain of being broken hearted and all. The guy is actually always here for Sinulog, its just this year that he decided to show up. it was not that awkward really, it was just like before, only they were on the opposite side of the table.  They have moved on.

after the dinner, the girl with the new boyfriend went home.  while the rest of the boys went for a drink.  In Vino Veritas.  Truly, the guy started to open up what happened.  I didn't ask really.  It would be rude of me, you see I'm not nosy.  I admire him sharing it to me.  Yes he recognized that girl and I were more close. (we've been classmates since from first year to fifth year). but he continued his story anyway...

you see,  both their families have accepted each other already.  according to the boy, the girl is all he is looking for as his wife. but no matter how he tried,  he "couldn't bring his love to the next level". he said he didn't fall out of love... he just couldn't intensify his love... he didn't want to cheat.  he was just being honest..blah.. blah.. blah..  in the middle of his sentence I was lost... hearing the first line brought me to a different space in time... I recalled, it was the same reason Mr Big said to me.. now i understood him, actually both of them...and his reasoning. either Mr Big did not explain it well to me, or I refused to listen.. but now i get it..  its just sad. not all love story has happy ending...  in an intstant everything can change.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Earlier today i received a text message from my best friend.  it read SOS.  too bad i received it late. told him i cant bring my phone inside the production floor as my reply.  actually, i dont check my phone often even when I'm on break.  i think I'm used to the idea that no one really cares... hehehe so no one sends me an SMS.. there I said it... or perhaps the fact that its night time and majority are asleep...  and in the morning they are sooo considerate they wont bother me because they know I am asleep. ok enough justification...  well, even globe stopped sending me spams. I'm not even familiar with my own ring tone. I cant recognize when in rings.  I thought, I think I bought a very expensive alarm clock.

anyway, back to my friend. so I pressed send button and instantaneously my phone rang. wow! that fast? observing my friend when he uses his phone,  his fingers were too fast.. he is a text freak. his fingers manage to find the buttons even with a blindfold. and I can even barely understand when some sentences are shorten. Aanyway, I answered the phone, " Bonjour, what's the emergency?"

To make the story short, my best friend and his boyfriend had a fight.  they are office mates. my bestfriend couldn't stand seeing the boyfriend in the office.  he sent the SOS because he wanted to ask me for a coffee break.  Our offices are just 10 minutes away from the nearest Starbucks.

What caused the fight?  he found out that his boyfriend has an account in planet romeo.  well, the boyfriend restrained my best friend to create an account in facebook. In facebook? who doesn't have a facebook?!!

ending... they are in an open relationship.  my best friend told the boyfriend, "Maybe, you want to explore... I give you the time and this opportunity" Fair enough I guess, they have been together for 6 years now...

"Darling, we cant prove that he has been fucking around, maybe meeting, ok fine... its given" I said to him.  Then I told my best friend you created this rule as your ticket to cheat without the guilt! Remember that you've been cheating too!  So don't be too mad...

the moral of the story is its safe to be single....

and I like this line.. it not really related... but to some point only...

and to quote Cheryl "you’ll avoid falling in love at all because the idea of being broken again is far worst than being alone"


Thursday, January 6, 2011

this made my day... lol

Easy there,

Mr Testosterone ---

You can
be replaced
by a zucchini.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what have i done last year, eh?

I heard from a DJ one afternoon his point of view about new year's resolution and all...  New year's resolution is supposed to be fun...  like  if you're all too serious about your job... then learn to keep it cool the next year... like be more out going...   with that approach...  somehow most resolutions will happen...  rather than saying "I will be good next year"... 80% you wont be! Let's admit it.. we like to be bad! 

Well, I don't do new year's resolution...  what I have is to-do-list.  Looking back, out of my 5 things... I have achieved at least 3.  not bad i think.. it was a tough year for me... recovering from my finances for being alcoholic biatch! kidding!  I have completed my room... not really completed... needs more fixtures and all... but at least I can sleep well now.  Two months ago we moved to a new house... I kinda spent fortune to make my room a better place to sleep during morning...

Secondly,  my team became the top team for 3 consecutive months... I'm proud.. I have proven myself that I can lead! 15 different personalities, I found their common interest and drove them to one goal. Imagine when they start crying-out like babies... its chaos! but they'll shut up when they see me, up from my desk, approaching them, one brow higher than usual... but I love them...

lastly, I got my baby!  I like iPhone but my bb works just fine.. I've been wanting to change my phone.  My best friend said "there are only 3 types of phone in the world, an iPhone, a blackberry and others" while glancing at my phone with devilish smile.  He couldn't stand my phone..  he said it doesn't fit my status.  Well, he gave me a a blackberry 9800 series.

I lost weight mid-year last year from 160lb to 130lb, I couldn't seem to reach 125lb which is my ideal weight.. it stopped at 130lb... but since because of the loooong holiday.. I gained again back to 140lb. I'm like an inflatable, I can gain and lose weight easily. starving season is here.. need to achieve that 125lb for the summer... so I can visit Boracay.. I promised myself I will not visit that island not until I'm physically ready.. I need to be size zero. heheheh

the last in my list, the love department.  How can I manage 15 people yet fail to manage one relationship! well, I have not found the person who is patient enough. either they can't stand my shopping exercise, being alcoholic biatch, being a Pisces it's our nature to be extreemely jealous!  Anyways, I like guys that can make me shut up, who has stronger personality, I must be the one who loves more. with a car is a plus but not required!

for this year... see my next post