Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prodigal Son

Riding Jeepney makes your mind wander while waiting for your next stop. Today, I passed by my favorite coffee shop. The logo caught my eyes. I was staring at it blankly, hypnotized. Like a moth bedazzled by the burning fire. It was tempting.

From a distance, funny how I could hear the short laughs of the people enjoying their newly brewed coffee. Sealing of business deals and gossiping are some activities in a coffee shop. I used to do both.

At times, I just enjoy being alone. Just me and my warm tall mocha. Wasting time, waiting for the time. Its like my third place already. I may not dare eating out or watch movie by myself, but in my favorite coffee shop, I feel that it’s ok to be alone.

Sip after sip, alternate with puff of Marlboro. Playing with my phone, checking my play list or logging to FB. Scrolling my phonebook list, checking friend who I can bother. And I thought, it’s already fun.

Who would have thought that a 3-n-1 coffee could be more fun? A 5 peso coffee compared to my favorite 160 peso tall mocha?

Before coming to work, just right after dinner, my parents and I enjoy sharing our cup of coffee. Talking about anything like the weather, news, politics, about us – our family. watching a tv show. It took me years to get my parent’s attention. You see, we are a party of 5. Being the fourth am always left out. All of them have left the house and have their own family. I have my parents all by myself. Just like the way I want them before. I love them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 days

100 days of solitude. I like the title though I have not read the book. Just the sound of it seems interesting. I promise to find time to read that book, I will. I'm not sure what I will be writing will be related to that story. I just want to write it. Again, i like the title.

Gas soars as high as $4 per gallon. Driving is not an option for me. Well, I don’t have my car. My car is with my brother. Mom always says the older kid should always gives way. I didn't buy it anyway. I didn’t come from my pocket. It was just a gift from my sister for a job well done. I guess my mom has installed that philosophy to my sister as well. Good grief!

Taxi had been my option. But seems like all the hard-work earn goes to taxi fare. We wouldn’t be working just for the taxi ride would we?

So I'm left with this option - riding Jeepney. I know it’s not cool. Yet, it’s fun perhaps because its been a while and it has been days still. It’s a longer route for me from home to work which makes me think a lot. Looking at the people, staring at their faces tells different stories, some happy some sad, some are in love and some are lonely. So which face do I have?

Looking at them made me feel that I'm just alright. And what I am going through will be temporary. I will make sure it is temporary.

Our clique has this pact, "We may be poor but we have a lifestyle to keep". Now I'm not sure how long I can keep that pact. Totally high-school-ish, I know. Thinking about it, makes me smile. Wow peer pressure, I thought I can only find it through my reading. This lifestyle is killing me. The confession a certified social climber.

Or perhaps it’s only in my mind. There’s nothing wrong with riding a jeepney, yes it’s a status symbol. But hey, the situation now calls for it. It’s hard to admit but I’m taking this bold step at least for 100 days.

To my fellow “kat-kat” I say goodbye for now. Like a worm waiting to become a butterfly. Wish I’m a kid again.. troubles of being an adult.