Monday, June 29, 2009

I've got some wierd P

My first weekend of no-night-out, no wasted-drinking, no guys-hooking and no pills. It started early as planned. This is it. Will I last for a month?

It was tough but I made it. There were lots of invitations I turned down. People were shocked. But guys you have to get used to it. It's just for a month. Its for a better cause. There are things I want to tame down. I guess its too much partying. I want to find something else I want to do other than that.

I told them my mom set a curfew, that is 10pm. Just like back in college. My friends know that my mom is super strict. They can't believe i oblige to it when this was the rule I always break before. To top that, I work at a night shift. Sometimes, I'm unbelievable but take it as it is. No further explanation.

And to J, sorry to break your heart last night. I know you wanted to see me. But you know what if you really wanted to be with me you could have come to my place and bring food. I told you I was hungry and that there were no food shop open near by, not even a bbq stall.

Anyhow, I got hooked with Facebook especially Farm Town. Its a good way to realize its not easy to earn money that you have to work hard to earn it.

But this entry isn't about that. My mind was toggling between Facebook and my glass of blue kamikaze. So I stop what I was doing and lit a cigarette and started to ponder;

- I'm an emotional buyer. When I feel blue I always head for a retail therapy. If there something I didn't achieve especially if I really really want it and I did not get it, expect you will see me wearing new shoes, shades, clothes, bag or bringing a gadget. So, if you want to be my friend, prepare your legs for mall strolling. When I'm inspired I love to treat my friends for food or coffee and I even cook for them.

- I'm good to my friends. I'm loyal most of the time. I even fight their wars. You can be bitchy but not on me. Try to lose my trust and I will drop you like a hot potato. Like as if we never met and I dont know your name. But most of the time I'm really patient. Just dont expect no revenge. Revenge is the sweetest word!

- For the record, i admit, I'm bratty. But all I want is for us to have fun. Its not just for me?! I'm mostly spontaneous. Come with me or cold war are the only options. Sweet talking is my forte especially to my brothers and sisters.

-I can be mean so beware. But I can be sweet too. You choose.

Play your cards right. and to J, I don't think you can handle me. So keep your distance before you fall because I have no plans of catching you. It was just a one night stand. Accept that. Peace.


I may have a strong personality but in bed am a slave for you. Blind fold me, tie me and bite me. Am all yours ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mid-Year Resolution

What's up with me. I've been partying like there's no tomorrow. I'm just a little disappointed, I guess. There are things that are not meant to happen even how badly you wanted it and how hard you worked for it. Now I don't want to dwell on that emotion, where you are sad. I've been there! It was dark. I don't like it.

I choose to be happy. I party. You can feel the presence of your friends. They are all happy. But I guess I went overboard. Because I've been spending too much. haha my savings, the money, my supposed relocation money, it's half gone.

Maybe I'm a little spoiled brat. Five of my friends say so. They confirmed it. Partying is my tantrums. hahaha beat that. One time I told an office-mate/friend that I wont not talk to him Monday if he wont come with us Saturday night. Imagine, we were already in his area and if he won't go out, oh!, he better must have a good reason! I'm glad he made it.

Another friend, rushed to fix himself because I'm already outside waiting for him without prior notice. It's my forte. I love it spontaneous. Thanks eye_spy for bearing with me.

So blame my brothers and sisters. I was their baby. Well, I'm still!

But seriously, I'm not bratty. I don't always get what I want. Anyway, what's wrong with getting what you want when I always share. That's another point.

The point here is, July is no party month. Will I last? Let me enumerate the pros. no cons. This is for the good.

1. Save. At a weekend night gimmick I spend an average of 1500 php. There are four weekends in a month so that is a sum of 6000 php. That's already 1 pair of PabDer shoe and a top at People are People. Okay focus... Save.

2. A bottle of beer has how many calories? I need to watch my weight. I hate it when my dates say they like me because I'm chubby. which happened again last week. Come on guys don't be mean I'm no longer eating. I'm not fat. Four weeks with no drinking that's a lot of calories.

3. I don't want to bug my friends. If they don't want to party then I guess its fine. Now that I will not be partying in July then no one will bug them.

4. There must be other ways of being happy.

5. Most good guys don't hang out in a bar!

My best friend made it. Now he is a Stepford wife. I missed partying with you bestie but now I'm joining you in your endeavor!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking A Bow

Here I am again in the middle of an intersection. Contemplating which road to take. It seems all access are dead end. How I wish I can hover and see which path to take. But we can never cheat life, or can we?

My Manila dream is fading. I always make things happen. But for some reason I don't know what but some things are keeping me from moving out to Manila. Are these signs warning me not to take that road?

So I guess I'm bound to stay here in Cebu. I'm grateful for whatever blessings that came and for the things to come. So let me count them.

- I'm happy to be with my parents who are so loving and I thank my mom for the delicious food she serves everyday. Chili crab can make my day!

- My brothers and sisters who spoil me with what I want. Sis, I think I need a week vacation to Singapore. Can you pay the air fare again please? By the way, I need another bottle of Hugo Boss.

- My nephews and nieces who never failed to melt my heart as they plea.

- To my cousin, yes I'm thinking about your invitation. Let my fly to Hongkong if you keep your promise that you will let me stay in your pad!

- I'm grateful for my friends who are ever supportive of my plans. My friends who are so ever ready when I need them to share both my pains and joy. Never ending Saturday night gimmicks. My crying like a river moments. cam whoring. island hopping. out of town trips. long joy rides. pigging moments like its the last day of the world. overflowing alcohol.

- to my mentors who never gave up. Who continue to believe in what I can do. Let me compose myself and I will try again.

Again, Manila is just 45 minutes away from the airport. I can always visit there anytime or I will wait when Cebu Pacific offers seat sale. Let me take a bow for this dream before it stresses me. Its not for me to live.

Who wants to go shopping with me this weekend? I need new pairs of shoes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It was fun being lost!

My Manila trip was a blast. Although it was short but it was the longest 48 hours ever... Yeah I was sleepless even the bed at Sofitel looks inviting. But the city has a lot to offer even at 3am...

My flight from Cebu was supposed to be 6:40am... Cebu Pacific was 30 minutes early. I was surprised that it made me kept checking my flight details. Oh yes.. that was my plane.

I arrived early in Manila. There was a long queue for the yellow cab. My friend was eagerly waiting in Diamond Hotel so I took the line that was less taken. It cost me a fortune for a very short distance. But I didn't mind because I wanted to have fun.. The cabby driver stared at me with curiosity. Then asked me if I knew that Diamond Hotel is a five star hotel... I simply answered him, "I didn't and your business is to take me there!" Thanks for the doubt and yes I can afford it...

When I arrived, I realized it was not a five star hotel as mentioned by the cabby driver. Yeah its a nice hotel facing Manila Bay. I think it was just a three star... i may be wrong though... One thing am sure Shang is way way way better. Their breakfast was good though especially the crispy bacon. All courtesy to my friend.

By noon we transferred to Sofitel to be closer to Mall of Asia. We had VIP tickets to the PCD concert. The girls were great but I did not expect it was an open field. I'm just used to sure seats kind of concert. Left of me was a pretty girl to realize it was Francine Prieto. No wonder she looked familiar, I've seen her on TV.

I was on my way to Fort Bonifacio noon that day. I learned to take LRT and MRT because no cab would take me from Malate area to Fort Bonifacio. Often times, I got the wrong lane. So i had to go down, crossed the highway and climbed to the other side of the station.

What can I say to their sky-walk in powder pink and blue color... It needs a cover to call it covered-walk. Mainit! Other than that I had fun. It was great people walking fast to get to their destination.. I like that.

The moment I entered Fort Bonifacio I said to myself that I belong here! I have to work here. I had an appointment at 3pm. I arrived two hours early since I took MRT. I alighted at Buendia station and took a cab going to Fort Bonifacio. I stayed at Gloria Jean to kill the time and to freshen up.. I prefer Starbucks but couldn't seem to find it.

When clock hit 2:30pm I went back to 30th st cor 4th ave for my interview. I waited and waited... 20 mins had passed for my interview so I approached the receptionist to ask what's the hold up. and she told me to wait. So I went back to my seat and patiently counted sheep hoping I would not fall asleep. An hour and a half have passed I didn't hear my name got called. I have to be done by 5:30pm so I wouldn't be caught in the traffic so I could go back to my hotel to change for the concert. Times up I couldn't wait any longer... So i went down and walked away an interview of a lifetime...

I don't know if there was a mis-communication. But I don't think so because I received a reminder message from the interviewer the night before. Or maybe we have a different definition of what the word an appointment is. If that's how they treat their applicants I wonder how they treat their agents... Anyhow I contacted them to have my interview rescheduled..

On my way back, I cant believe a cabby driver asked my to alight in the middle of a highway. He refused to go to Glorrieta because he might be stuck in the traffic. So there I was in the middle of overlapping roads... in a big city and in a middle of I don't know where! For 15 mins my world stopped, I kept asking myself where I am and how to go back to the hotel. all the cabs that passed by are either taken or refused to bring me to my hotel cause its still quite far... So I walked until I saw Ayala Station! MRT saved my day! I went south to Taft Ave took a cab to CCP complex then to Sofitel.

It was fun being lost!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alright Guys I Need Directions

1. How to get to The Fort from the airport?

I have made my research. Tell me if its right. If I want to ride MRT3, from Taft Ave to Ayala Ave/Buendia Ave. Then ride a cab to The Fort area? 4th ave cor 30th ave is the address... If I take cab from the airport.. how far is it?

2. Hows the traffic during 1pm to 3pm? In malate area... Makati area and The Fort Area... I still dont know my Hotel yet is...

3. If I leave The Fort by 5:30pm will I get to Mall of Asia before 7:00pm? Will the traffic be heavy that time? What's the best way? is it by cab? heheheheh

Need help...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what the!

Just when you have fun....

Your ex decided to show up....

what a bull?!

But when your crush comes to the rescue...

everything is okay.

I just laughed at him when he puked in public... hahaha

he is ruined!

random thoughts

1. I noticed that most guys in my floor at work don't wash their hands after using the toilet. Come on guys stop spreading your virus.

2. When being mean is no longer funny. A friend of mine is playing bitching games with me. it's hard to trust people these days. just wait until I turn my back on you. I will show no mercy!

3. Night at the Museum was not that bad as I thought. I had a good laugh.

4. I have porridge for two weeks now. My tummy still aches with solids.

5. what am I doing with my PC on a Saturday night...

got to go... somebody just texted... party!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just purchased a plane ticket online going to Manila...

It was very impulsive of me... I know I have other priorities...

But I just can't say no to a dear friend who bought VIP tickets to the Doll Domination...

Oh Yes going to Manila for the Pussycat Dolls concert this June 11, 2009

Its free for me...

I love my friends....