Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fuck the bed stone

hi everyone. its been a while. and yes I'm still single. I have had some relationships since my last post and you guess it right.. it had a half life of that 213At (Astatine). My best friend introduced him last March just right after my birthday.  like as a birthday present or something to that effect.. surprise... at an Instant, we clicked. We have had a few dates. movie. dinner. just like the usual. we enjoyed sharing food together. went to places together. it was perfect. the kiss was good too. the breakfasts right after shift. exchanged gifts. cakes.candies. endless phone calls. the hellos the i love you's.

We did our groceries together and believe me I had been wanting to experience that.. call it corny but I find it sweet. Its a nice date actually, simple and fun like in a grocery store with wide variety.. taking your time in the aisles. you talk while you scan each shelves... you'll know the person better on what brands he picks, what flavor he choose, there's a story in every thing you will buy. like why you don't like oregano in your pasta. how safeguard can dry your skin. which hot-dogs taste better.

so i mentioned the kiss was good. when things got hotter and wetter he stopped. "i think it's too soon for that. Don't you think?" okay fine. He rushed to the toilet, took a bath and found his way to the bed and snored! He left me and my kidneys in pain because if the unfinished business.

Every time I got my hands down under he stops. Wearing only my undies he asked,"are you trying to seduce me?" and i replied with sarcasm in my tone, "no, I'm getting ready to sleep". I told him with a fake smile, "you know the court recognizes this as valid case for annulment."

One day he asked me how I celebrate monthsary... other than its corny as a cornfield I told him, I don't because none of my relationships had lasted that long. The he broke his surprise, he wanted to go to the beach with me, he had a surprise.

Maybe lightning had struck him or something he texted me, "Sorry, I cant make you happy!" I asked clarifying questions... "What do you mean Bhe? I'm happy with you, you inspire me to do good at work, with my life now. You took me to a grocery store and I love you for that". he replied "coz you always think about sex!"

Like WHAT? maybe I think about sex at times but NOT always. So he left.  He left me feeling like I'm the biggest slut in this town. I feel humiliated like I cant live without sex in a day!  I mean its great to have both, a guy who takes you to a grocery store and the same guy who rocks in a bed-stone. But,  fuck the bed stone I want a guy who takes me to a grocery store.

the end!