Sunday, July 8, 2012

mis education

i went to my aunt's funeral today. the church near my place has changed a lot. Its very obvious i have not gone to church for a while. I arrived late. walking in the aisle with my well pressed white top, then I removed my sunglasses. Most seats are taken, then i saw mom waving at me. front row.

when i was a kid i never miss Sunday service. i was taught if you miss a day you'll commit a sin. then i remember why i stopped going to church. You see, I went to a catholic school. For 8 years as a student, I think I've learned what the scripture says compared to half of the people who goes to church regularly.  I was not awarded best in religion if i had not done my part to achieve it.

Going back to my reason. For me church is a holy place and we should pay respect to its holiness. Some people just don't know how to dress appropriately, and i cant control my eyes thus i sinned in my thoughts. Sometimes I don't agree what the priest says especially if its a political/social views, thus i sinned. and those altar boys, i intentionally stand in line where the cute ones are stationed, thus I sinned.

I sinned more if i go to church compared to one sin of not going there.  I know its silly logic. I prefer going to church to energize my spirituality rather than as an obligation because I'm told to so.

Sitting in the front row, i saw these altar boys. they still choose the good looking ones. the boy next door type. as silent as a sheep type. what could be in their mind? then my thoughts brought me back, goodness these are kids.

i used to have a huge crush with a seminarian. beware of them.. they are good talker. but that's another story.

so what's the moral of this story? the mis-education of a catholic student!

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